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ERP - Development
ERP Enterprise Resource Planning ERP-Enterprise Resource Planning is an integration of business management modules and user friendly technology. ERP is a well managed centralized data storage house which acquires information from and supply information for complete computing solutions at universal level. In large business organization it's a diffcult task to manage various data at different servers. ERP helps to manage data under one common platform. ERP software solutions are essential for optimizing costing accuracy for the benefit of making decisions on day to day operations.

Today, solutions that automate your organization at a click of a mouse are available off the shelf. However, different businesses function differently. Every organization, even if it belongs to a common industry, differs from one another in subtle-to-substantial ways. This is a business logic feature that most off-the-shelf products fail to implement.

Features list of basic ERP
  • Purchase
  • Manufacturing
  • Inventory/Stores
  • Finance/Accounting
  • Human Resource & Payroll
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Automated Accounting
  • Quality Management
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Production
  • Maintenance
  • Administration
  • Data Warehouse
  • Managed distribution networks
  • Various Reports Generation
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We work on high technological issues and for companies of all magnitudes, and offer a collection of ERP Development services, Future dimension has widespread hands-on industry, consulting and procedural proficiency in developing ERP application.Our workforce professionals are qualified in all regions of ERP development domain- Tools, Finance, Manufacturing, Sales, Distribution, Projects, Supply Chain, Exchange, EDI, DEM, Front Office. Our team is working keeping in mind of becoming the best ERP solutions provider workforce. We deploy resources on integrated teams that work with our clients to undertake complex enterprise transformation efforts.
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  • Web Portals
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  • Custom Controls
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  • Migration & Porting
  • Social Networking Applictions
  • Content Management System(CMS)