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Flash Development Services
Flash is excellent tool for fast loading, logos, product presentations, online sales, trade show animations, multimedia, product or process tours, navigation interfaces and much more.

Flash is the only solution if you are looking for a highly interactive website with enhanced features for user satisfaction. An integrated development environment (IDE) that combines the Flash Player, a virtual machine used to run or parse Flash files, and the multimedia authoring program used to create the image, video, etc.

Flash can improve a website in multiple ways. Flash web design is visually attractive and can attain great interaction to on screen mouse movements. Flash can also enhance your site in a functional manner, by providing a platform for creating online demonstrations and presentations. Flash animation gives your clients insight into how your products look and work.

Shrigen Flash development services:

  • Flash banners
  • Flash presentations
  • Flash screen savers
  • Flash animations
  • Flash games
  • Flash e-learning solutions
  • Flash ActionScript and Gaming
  • Flash Audio/Video Streaming
  • Flash Communication Server
  • Flash Remoting
  • Flash Rich Internet Applications
  • FLEX (Macromedia Flex)

Shrigen provide the updated and latest Flash Technology for web trends, flash application development and flash animation web site designing solutions and with the current demand of technology in the market.We offer cost-effective Flash Application Development, Flash Animation Web Site Designs, and other flash based web solutions like cartoon, software animation, presentations, email presentations, business presentations, introductions, movies, banners, screensavers, action games, chat, logo designs, template designs, portal design, user interface designing, 2D/3D & SWF Animations, product branding, catalogues, and more.

Our specialization starts with small animated Flash Web banners and ends in full-blown Flash-driven e-learning applications that can set a business ahead of its competitors. Flash designed websites that we design help you make a fast impact on your website surfers, visitors, thereby giving everyone a dynamic, impressive, and memorable image of your company.
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  • Social Networking Applictions
  • Content Management System(CMS)