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DOT NET (.NET) Application Development & Programming
Dot Net (.Net) Technology The DOT NET (.NET) created by Microsoft is a software development platform focused on rapid application development (RAD), platform independence and network transparency. DOT NET (.NET) is Microsoft's strategic initiative for server and desktop development for the next decade. According to Microsoft, DOT NET (.NET) includes many technologies designed to facilitate rapid development of Internet and intranet applications.

DOT NET (.NET) has brought new functionalities and tools to the application programming interface (API). These innovations allow development of applications for both Windows and the web as well as components and services (web services). .NET provides a new reflective, object-oriented API. .NET is designed to be sufficiently generic so that many different high-level languages can be compiled.

Shrigen Technologies has Expertise in .NET

Shrigen provides design, development and integration business solutions based on the DOT NET (.NET) platform. Our team of experienced Microsoft certified DOT NET (.NET) architects, analysts and developers delivers a wide range of comprehensive solutions in the following key areas.

  • DOT NET (.NET) Desktop Application Development
  • ASP.NET (Web) Application Development
  • DOT NET (.NET) Software Product Development
  • Migration of Web and Desktop Applications to DOT NET (.NET)
  • Web Services Based DOT NET (.NET) Application Development
  • Mobile applications based on DOT NET (.NET) Compact Framework


ASP.NET is more than the next version of Active Server Pages (ASP); ASP.NET is a web application & development technology commercialized by Microsoft that programmers can use to build dynamic websites, web applications & web services. ASP.Net benefits over other script - based - technologies (including Classic ASP) by compiling the server side code to one or more DLL files on web server.ASP.NET Developers in Shrigen carry vast experience in ASP.Net Application Development, consulting and developing web based applications, ecommerce/shopping cart development, desktop application development and much more.

Web Services

Web services, an important evolution in Web-based technology, are distributed, server-side application components similar to common Web sites. However, unlike Web-based applications, Web services components have no UI and are not targeted for browsers such as Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator. Instead, Web services consist of reusable software components designed to be consumed by other applications, such as traditional client applications, Web-based applications, or even other Web services. As a result, Web services technology is rapidly moving application development and deployment into the highly distributed environment of the Internet.

.NET Framework

.NET Framework also provides a collection of classes and tools to aid in development and consumption. .NET Framework is built on these standards to promote interoperability with non-Microsoft solutions. Shrigen has build competency over years in Microsoft .NET Development and ASP.Net Application Development offered by its .Net Developers. Shrigen has a team of expert ASP.Net Programmers that offer expert ASP.Net consulting and .Net outsourcing along with ASP.Net Application Development, programming, ASP.Net software development, ASP Net Development, Ecommerce Solutions, Shopping Cart Development and much more.
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